Skewered Fruit Tray

During mid- and late-summer months, many fruits are at their peak. While we certainly aren’t encouraged to attend large gatherings during this pandemic, you still may be having some smaller family parties warranting a food contribution. Making this Skewered Fruit Tray will be a showstopper on the table.

Of course, you can use any fruit you want, but I’ll give you the run down on what was chosen for this particular pyramid. Start with a whole ripe pineapple, chop off the pointy top (don’t toss) and carve away the thick outer skin. Quarter the remaining flesh and remove the tough inner core. Slice each quarter lengthwise into two more strips each, and then cut those strips down into chunks.

The other fruits included fresh strawberries, with their green tops left intact; plus cantaloupe chunks, blueberries and blackberries. I alternated each wooden skewer (short ones) with either a pineapple or cantaloupe chunk to start with, then tapered the remaining fruits as shown ending with a large blueberry.

To assemble, place the pineapple crown in the center of a disposable platter and start placing the skewers, alternating between the cantaloupe and pineapple ends to create the first tier. Repeat with several more tiers until your cone shape is complete. If not using immediately, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until the party starts!

You’ll need about a pint of fresh blueberries, one quart of blackberries, two quarts of strawberries, one large ripe cantaloupe and a pineapple. (You may not necessarily end up using all of the fruit.) Other than a large platter, short wooden skewers, and a sharp knife, nothing else is needed other than your time.

The skewers were a huge hit at the (pre-pandemic) party I brought them to. Most people love fresh fruit and/or are looking to nibble on something healthy amid a selection of more caloric options. Other fruits that come to mind and would make a festive presentation are kiwi slices, green melon chunks, raspberries, peach chunks, and red, green or purple seedless grapes to name a few.

Now you could get even fancier and use a star or heart shaped cookie cutter on planks of melon or watermelon as accent pieces. Just think how much money you’ll save by making your own instead of paying for those Edible Arrangements!

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