MandaRosa Mandarins—Hurry, They are only Available for a Short Time!

A new brand of seedless red mandarins from California, the MandaRosa is a natural cultivar of a Tarocco (blood) orange and clementine, actually originating in Italy. They are only available from February through early March, so your window-of-opportunity is almost over to indulge in these sweet succulent citrus gems. Simply AMAZING!!

They are not only amazing to eat, but their flavor and internal colors of the fruit change as the fruit matures, with some having red/purple pigment and others red/orange. And the eco-forward packaging with the 2-pound bags uses kraft paper for labels, instead of the more commonly used plastic.


Here are a few previous bogs that highlighted blood oranges and where the MadaRosa would make a great substitute. They could also provide an essential ingredient to a fruit salsa, garnish vanilla ice cream, and give a distinct color to citrus tarts.

Brussels Sprouts with Oranges and Bacon
blood ranges and sprouts

The Blood Sucker

A very appropriate adult libation that is wickedly good!

Roasted Carrots with Blood Orange and Rosemary
carrots with blood orange

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