German Eats in K-Town

For some crazy notion, I had convinced myself that German cuisine was my least favorite. I’m happy to say, after at least three amazing dinners in Kaiserslautern, otherwise known as K- Town, (the first leg of our most current European vacation), that is so NOT the case.

My youngest sister Kathy (aka Lolly) and her husband Paul, joined us on this adventure because our main purpose was to attend a family wedding. Our niece Colleen, daughter of another sister, was marrying a German guy (even though they reside in Seattle, USA).

OK, enough background, let’s dish about those fabulous meals. It was the 2nd day of Christmas when most businesses and restaurants are closed. Luckily for us, we were forewarned of this situation by the groom’s German parents.

On their wedding website, the couple-to-be posted a few options for the out-of-town guests and highly suggest we make advanced reservations. So a few weeks before we crossed the pond, we made a res at Zur Burg, a well-known steakhouse in the city center.

After being seated in a cozy corner table, we all shook out our dinner napkins, and a Lindt chocolate angel appeared, how special is that? Nice touch Zur Burg, and a good omen indeed.

Because it was still considered Christmas, they had a special menu featuring 3 different full course offerings. Wouldn’t you know, we all chose Menu 2–and we all opted for the garlic-butter topping as opposed to the cream sauce.

It came with a large, beautiful salad, Rumpsteak (their signature steak, which cut like butter and melted in your mouth), and an amazing panna cotta with a raspberry sauce for dessert.

The minor differences were how well you wanted your steak done (2 medium, 2 medium-rare), and which potato (2 fries and 2 croquettes). Granted, it wasn’t really authentic German cuisine per se (although the decor was), but the food was amazing!!

Neither Lolly not I could finish our steaks and the guys were too full to eat anymore, so we sliced down the leftovers, took them with us and left the boxes in our vehicle overnight (it was cold enough out). The next afternoon while sightseeing, we all indulged in the treat.

The real test came the following night when we dined at Spinnradl. Our nephew Desi (below left) and his cousin Sammy Jo joined us for the feast excursion.

Lolly (above left) and I insisted on trying authentic German food this time around and selected one of their house specialties, Spinnradl-Pan with medallions of pork filet au gratin, mushroom gravy over homemade spaetzle—we were transformed!!

Not to be outdone, The Hubster decided on Jagerschnitzel–pork schnitzel with mushrooms, spaetzle and a side salad.

Lolly’s husband Paul ordered the Breaded Pork Schnitzel with Fried Potatoes which also came with a side salad. However, the salad was inadvertently placed in front of Yours Truly, who proceeded to scarf it down until Paul questioned where his salad was. Oops, mea culpa, I’d forgotten my dinner did not come with a side salad (insert sheepish grin here 🙂 )

As for what the other two dining guests ate, I can only show you photos due to my laser-focus on my meal. Alas, once again, neither Lolly nor I could finish our meals, so into doggie bags they went.

Our final dinner in the Kaiserslautern area was at St. Martin (and no, not the island). Located in the heart of old town, it posts a monthly changing specialty menu, along with a pretty extensive regular menu.

Now here’s where I really went rogue. They had some unusual choices such as wild boar, venison, perch and, my choice Goosebreast St. Martin bathing in a roasted apple au jus with chestnuts, cooked red cabbage and potato dumplings. Holy gooseflesh Batman, it was extraordinaire!

As for the rest of them? Well they were just as enamored of their selections because Russ salivated over his Venison Ragout Fürsterin with mushrooms in a juniper jus, served with spaetzle and a field lettuce salad.

And Paul savored every morsel of his Grilled Chicken Breast Hellas with olives, pepperoni, bell peppers, garlic and champignons in a feta cream sauce. While Lolly loved her Grilled Chicken Breast Palestinian Style with champignons mushrooms in a cream sauce.

Definitely a place to put on your “must try” list if ever in Kaiserslautern… Auf Wiedersehen…

Next we headed into France for a few days where, on New Year’s Eve, we dined on a 7-course French feast at Le Bedaine in La Petite France section of Strasbourg…