Hey—Surah, Surah

On a Saturday night in early February, we were excited to be meeting several friends at the Korean BBQ joint, SURAH, located on Bethlehem Pike in Spring House, PA. But before we even got started and for reasons unknown, Russ couldn’t enter the address into his car’s navigation system, but I had it in my phone so we thought, no problem. Wrong!

The directions told us to go south after getting off the turnpike, yet the address was for North Bethlehem Pike, so against our better judgement, we went where instructed only to find our final destination point had no commercial restaurants in sight! After I made a recalculate on the phone, and a quick text to our comrades that we’d be late, we were back in the saddle.

Once there, we could tell by the full parking lot that it was packed, so we were thrilled we had reservations. Without hesitation, we were immediately shown to the rest of our party already gathered at a table in a private room with two BBQ grills. Those who had experienced the routine from previous visits provided us newbies with a tutorial, then told the waitstaff our selections from the all-you-can-eat menu and the fun began!

IMG_2653From left, Paula, Lynn, Kim and Denise.

We were particularly pumped up because our beloved Eagles football team was playing in Super Bowl VII the following day (and in case you’ve been living off the grid—they won!) For flow of conversation, the ladies chose to sit together as a group so we could dish on female whims, while the men could let their testosterone proliferate unabashed at their end of the table.

The guys from left are Russ, Mike, Jeff and Dan.

Before the searing commenced, Dan wowed all of us, including the waiters, with his cool 360-degree camera. You can check out the pic at https://kuula.co/post/7l6p0, just hold your mouse down on the image to move it around. Very “Kuula!”

Paula instructed us all ahead of time to arrive hungry because the food doesn’t stop coming, and she wasn’t kidding! Each place setting received two dipping sauces, plus we shared an array of veggies that included lettuce (for wraps, if so desired), a spicy chopped salad, jalapeños, eggplant and kimchi. Lucky for me and Kim, both Paula and Denise were old pros at cooking over the hot grills, so we let them go to it after the waiter started us out.


IMG_2656Our waiter adds the first slices of meat to the hot grill.

The first round—of what was going to be many—was a platter of thinly sliced slabs of beef and pork, with a few sliced onions and mushrooms thrown in. (My only complaint was that I would have preferred more of those.)

IMG_2654The gang’s all here and ready to eat!

Another “kuula” apparatus was the unique cutting shears to slice the larger pieces of meat down to manageable sizes. I wish I had taken a pic of them in use (oh well, we’ll be back.) Keeping things sanitary, in between platter servings the grill tops are exchanged for clean versions so that you don’t have to worry about charred build-up.

After more rounds of beef, pork and much laughter, we also feasted on chicken, shrimp and pork belly (although I drew the limit at that.) True to their “all-you-can-eat” marketing, they would have kept bringing more, but we all finally surrendered. Now it was time to head home and prepare for the BIG DAY tomorrow…

Surah also serves a whole host of other dishes including, sushi, sashimi, noodle dishes, specialty rolls and vegetarian options.

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