A Four Year Milestone

Today we celebrate the four-year anniversary of launching our food blog, an endeavor that Lynn thought would last maybe one year (since she’d be the one doing the lion’s share of blogging.) Thanks for taking this culinary journey with us, and we hope you stay on the trek as we continue to savor the flavors of foods far and wide—as well as close, and with friends and family.

A few insights that have surprised us is the readership from far flung countries, which in the past year alone included Canada, Croatia, Singapore, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, Germany, India and China to name a few. Oddly enough, the most popular day/hour to view our posts is Sunday at 1:00 pm—go figure! Another stat indicates that in 2017, the blog tallied a total of 130,424 words with an average of 758 words per post; and readership increased over 25% in the last quarter. (Lynn is a numbers gal.)


Viewers access through a host of different avenues including search engines, Facebook, Lynn’s Casa “H” Pinterest Board, and email notices. A few of the top hit-on recipes have been Lemony Carrot and Cauliflower Soup, Winging It, Meatless Meat Sauce, and Best Ground Beef Chili. But I believe the most-ever-read post in one day was Lynn’s blog on the “Guest Appearances” page interviewing her cousin Maureen Evans Kelly. Just goes to show you that it really is about the people—and their connection with food…

We truly enjoy feedback and comments from you so please keep them coming. This year we hope to expand the media arena by incorporating some videos and perhaps a few polls. And if there is anything you want us to blog on, or a favorite restaurant to check out, please let us know… we could always meet you there…

From our table to yours,
Lynn and Russ


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