Gone Girl

sheet cake

She flew the coop to LA! After many months of agonizing over whether she should leave her well-paying job and move cross-country, Russ’s daughter Julia hopped a plane today to the West Coast. But not before friends and family could send her a proper farewell. So this past Saturday, Julia’s mom Janine hosted such a bon voyage soirée at her home in Glenside.


To the dismay of many, Mother Nature was not cooperating. In fact, that was the MOST rain we’ve had at one time in many months—causing concern on Julia’s part that guests wouldn’t venture out into the mess. But as a testimony to her popularity, the party was packed—standing room only!

With a nod to the Philly-to-LA theme, the house provided hoagies and Little Debbie cupcakes among other delectables. Julia made a request for my famous guacamole, a “Spanish/Mexican” dish, a sheet cake and some bottles of wine. Well the guac, cake and wine were easy enough, but what to do about the “dish”?? Initially, Russ thought of making chorizo, peppers and onions in the slow cooker, but in the end, not knowing everyone’s tolerance for spice, he made it with sweet Italian sausage—so much for the “Spanish/Mexican” connection…

The guac was a smash hit and was gone in no time. The crockpot sausage dish was also a winner and lucky for us, even though the sausage links disappeared, there was plenty sauce, peppers and onions to bring home and use for a quick week night pasta dinner—which is exactly what we did a few nights later.

Uncle Steve’s gluten-free tiramisu.

Along with the sheet cake, Julia’s Uncle Steve made a gorgeous gluten-free Tiramisu presented in an oversized martini-looking glass. Having been a part of the family for many years, Steve is well aware of the celiac disease that some members have to deal with. Needless to say, there was barely a morsel of that dessert left!

Before we knew it, over four hours had flown by and it was time to venture out into the nasty night, praying we’d get home in one piece—which thankfully we did—and everyone else for that matter.

We wish you nothing but success Julia!
Now we can start planning a visit 😉

2015-06-29 06.51.03
2015-06-29 07.13.10
The leftover sauce with peppers and onions was reheated with more browned sausage for a quick weeknight meal.

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