Hamilton’s Grill Room

Timeless. Rustic. Elegant…
…so says their website…

A hidden gem, Hamilton’s Grill Room, a BYO, is located in The Porkyard off Coryell Street, between Lambert Lane and North Union Streets in Lambertville, NJ. Their hand-written menu changes daily and reflects seasonal, local foods, with generous portions and a reverence for satisfying simplicity. An eclectic mix of indoor and outdoor spaces define the eating areas, and while we have enjoyed an al fresco meal here in the past, on our most current visit, it was a bit nippy so we were glad to be seated inside.


“Mediterranean cooking is a marriage of respect, integrity, enthusiasm, and shear joy.”
–Jim Hamilton

Seasonal fresh, local foods can make all the difference in your dining pleasure, especially when expertly prepared on their open kitchen grill over Royal Oak hardwood charcoal.

watercress.salad clams

After some deliberation and feedback from our waiter, for starters, Lynn chose the Watercress Salad with prosciutto, bleu cheese, figs and walnuts with a balsamic vinaigrette served on an aged plank of wood, while Russ enjoyed Clams Posilippo (a Frank Sinatra favorite!)… and the basket of crusty bread was the perfect foil to mop up the savory clam broth!

veal.chop salmon

Our entree choices were the Copper River Salmon with a rum chipotle sauce served over a bed of herbed rice for Lynn; and as almost every male patron in the place seemed to order that night, Russ opted for the Veal Chop with bleu cheese butter on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes—both dishes with a side of sautéed green beans.


At the meal’s end, a dessert tray was presented upon request, with each homemade item explained in detail. Not on the tray, but given as an option, Russ chose a melange of homemade chocolate, vanilla and coffee ice cream with biscotti and a side of hot fudge sauce—not too shabby!

About the Chef

Hamilton’s Grill Room Executive Chef, Mark Miller takes pride in supporting and showcasing community agriculture. Inspired by a French baker he worked for as a young boy, Miller immersed himself into the restaurant business. Mark has experienced every station of the trade from dishwasher to Chef, notably for the James Beard Foundation before coming to The Grill Room.

NOTE: If you forget to bring your wine, it can be purchased at the Boat House directly across the courtyard.

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