When In Spain, Again…

We’ve been traveling in Southwest Spain for about two weeks now, and I plan to post a more extensive blog once I’m settled back home. But I just couldn’t miss this opportunity to gush over a recent a “entrante” (first course) we shared at El Blanquillo in Ubeda, Jaen Province.

An FYI, Jaen is the olive capital of the world and while driving the countryside, all one can see is miles and miles of olive groves, a patchwork quilt if you will. Tomorrow we get to enjoy a personal 3-hour visit and tasting at the Oleotourismo in Begijar… but that’s another blog…

Alcachofas con Jamon y Queso Gratinada, otherwise known as Artichokes with Spanish Ham and Cheese, was absolutely divine! Since we were splitting the dish, they gave us four stuffed artichokes as opposed to the usual three.

Now I can’t guarantee this selection will be as good anywhere else (the rest of our meal was top-notch also), but I certainly want to give it a go once we are home and artichokes are in season!

Stay tuned for more postings on Spanish cuisine sometime in the near future…

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