Non Solo Pasta

Notta justa pasta place… Non Solo Pasta (NSP), nestled into a tiny, unassuming strip mall off a major road in Morrisville, PA, this fabulous Italian restaurant has been around for decades. Although it’s not BYO, a preferred option for us, they have a full-scale bar with a long list of available wines by the glass or bottle.

Back in the early 90’s, when there weren’t a plethora of dining options close by our Yardley home, NSP was one place my Ex, neighbors and boating friends often frequented. Then for some unexplained reason, I hadn’t patronized the place in years until my friend Jeremy mentioned going there for dinner after an art opening. Bingo, great idea!

There are no shortage of Italian restaurants in our surrounding area, but having frequented most of them many times over, it was 9 months since we had dinner at NSP after that previously mentioned art opening. When trying to think of where to dine one Friday night, it popped into Russ’s noggin’, so reservations we made.

On this visit, while not packed to the gills, a good two-thirds of the tables were already taken, with what sounded like mostly regulars. Once seated we were quickly given three menus, one of Specials, another with their regular offerings, and a large booklet of drink selections. With so many tempting choices, it took us some time for reflection, so while we pondered our options, the waitress brought us water and a basket of warm crusty rolls. Instead of using the prepackaged pats of butter, we asked for, and received, a dish of EVOO with herbs and red pepper flakes for dipping.

All entrées come with a choice of soup or salad, and both times everyone ordered the side salad with baby spinach, crisp greens, cucumber slices and grape tomatoes. Our after-the-art-opening dining choices with friend Jeremy are pictured below, followed by the second visit meal selections.

garden salad

bolognese biancaBolognese Bianca with peas over pappardelle.

itlaian wedding soup
Italian Wedding Soup

portobello appPortobello Mushroom appetizer.

raviolacciRaviolacci—Homemade ravioli filled with short ribs, sautéed mushrooms and red peppers with a parmigiano, brown butter and sage sauce.

On yet another visit with just the two of us, we first selected a bottle of wine, then we ordered the Long Hots with garlic and provolone as an appetizer. The cheese portion was unusually large (although doesn’t appear so in this photo), and we each tore off some bread chunks, dragged them through the olive oil and topped with a slice of pepper and cheese, perfecto!

Because the portions are more than ample, we both took doggie bags home, and couldn’t even fathom the idea of dessert, although based on what other diners were consuming, the desserts looked very good indeed. Non Solo Pasta will definitely go back into our rotation of Italian eating establishments.

Roasted Long Hots with garlic and sharp provolone.

Chicken and Sausage Cacciatore
with peppers, onions, herbs, in a light marinara, accompanied by the best side of potatoes I think I’ve ever eaten!

lamb.filettips.bologneseLamb & Filet Tips Bolognese—Meat sauce with hints of a full-bodied red wine, Mutti Pomodoro over pappardelle.

We made it back again, coincidentally, after another art opening in which me and my friend Jeremy both had pieces in the exhibit. Luckily we had made an advanced reservation for 5, because the place was packed and we still had to wait for a table.

By this time, we knew that whatever we ordered, it was going to be good. The problem is trying to narrow down our choices from the regular and Specials menus. But with a bottle of red ordered, we got down to the business of choosing.

Positano—A seafood option from the regular menu, was chockfull of colossal lump crab meat with a choice of a light marina or white garlic sauce. Three of us opted for this entrée, one with penne, two over linguine, all with the marina topping.

Bronzino MediterraneoBronzino Mediterraneo—A grilled filet of Branzino accompanied by sautéed spinach and perfectly cooked asparagus in a Mediterranean Citronette was a special that night.

Veal NapoletanoVeal Napoletano—Pan sautéed veal in a San Marzano sauce with garlic, kalamata olives and capers also hailed from the regular dinner menu.

If you live or work in the area, Non Solo Pasta is a sure bet when it comes to real good Italian food. You may just want to make a reservation ahead of time…

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