Back to the Scene of the Crime

June 14—a date that holds a special place in our hearts because we first met on that day at JB Dawsons restaurant in Langhorne, mere minutes from where we now live—and thirteen years after that, we got married on that date. So we thought it fitting to enjoy our anniversary(s) back at the scene of the crime with dinner at Dawsons on June 14.

Restaurateur-owner Jim Lukens’s first establishment was Austin’s Restaurant & Bar in Reading, PA; he then added the J.B. Dawson’s Restaurant and Bar namesake (same quality…different name) to Langhorne, PA; Lancaster, PA; and at the Christiana Mall in Newark, DE. The interior of the one in Langhorne has a cool vibe with rich polished wood, leathered upholstery and stacked stone.


Our initial dinner date is still fresh in my mind. I arrived first (no surprise there) and waited at the bar about 10-15 minutes before Russ entered the crowded vestibule. He was easily recognizable from our prior interactions. That night, he enjoyed a steak while I chose an entree salad and we talked for hours, until the place was closing—in fact they were putting chairs on top of the tables and sweeping the floors around us—a not so subtle hint!

Anyway, fast-forward seventeen years. The interior has since been remodeled so “our table” was not an option. But we were seated immediately in a similar spot, this time in a booth on the other side of the bar. Our waitress, Heather, took our drink order within minutes, and gave us a list of tonight’s specials allowing us time to review our choices.

Their menu is extensive and includes numerous Soups & Starters, Salads, Sandwiches and Burgers, Steaks and Seafood, Pasta, Chicken and Ribs, a children’s menu and gluten-fee options—something for everyone. With a two-week vacation looming in front of us, and knowing that we’d probably be dining out often, I tried to choose wisely, concentrating on the more healthy options.


For starters, we opted to split the Seared Ahi Tuna—spice rubbed and seared rare with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger. It was excellent, and enough to share between us with ten luscious slices. My main meal was the Shrimp and Sea Scallop special with a mango salsa and a choice of two sides. Tasty enough with a skewer each of four scallops and four shrimp—not overwhelming in portion.


As a nod to our first date, Russ couldn’t help but to order the Cajun Ribeye12 ounces of ribeye grilled medium-rare with cajun spices, and topped with blue cheese crumbles (an extra). He selected a side of their thin french fries, while we both had the crisp-tender broccoli.


We commented how JB’s was always busy, even for a Tuesday night. In fact, we tried to dine here about a month ago on a Wednesday night, and even though it was already after 8:00, there was a 45-minute wait! Needless to say, we went elsewhere that evening. However, they do take reservations now, so if you plan on going, I suggest you call ahead f time and secure a table, just in case…

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