Vecchia Osteria by Pasquale

Justa harda working man trying to live the American dream! So says Pasquale Palino, (formerly of LaStalla, one of our Newtown faves), executive chef at Vecchia Osteria. It’s a wonderful Italian, bring-your-own, local, family-owned gem, conveniently located in the heart of Newtown, Bucks County, PA. The menu is authentic Italian cuisine—each dish made with the freshest ingredients and cooked to order. Who can argue?

I believe it’s been around for several years now so it’s a small wonder that we never heard of it until very recently. During the warm weather, they have a huge outdoor seating area which we looked forward to enjoying with friends Rosanne and Gary on a recent Saturday night. However, Mother Nature, who has been cranky the entire month of May, was still not cooperating, so we were seated inside.

But before we hit the road, Rosanne and Gary stopped by our digs for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. It was a brief visit due to a time mix-up but we did get to enjoy an antipasto platter that Rosanne cleverly assembled (in a purple ceramic oblong basket from Italy, no less.) And earlier in the day I spotted a goat cheese and yogurt dip recipe in my Rachel Ray magazine that would pair perfectly with some seasonal fresh radishes.



Forward ho! Despite the nasty weather, it was packed when we got there, every seat was taken—a testament to Pasquale’s talents. If you plan on going, definitely call for reservations. Nearly every inch of wall—and ceiling—was covered with corks, framed photos, bunches of grapes, and light fixtures made of green wine bottles. And parts of the restaurant had copper tin ceilings for an old-world effect. The following images were taken from their website to give you a visual snapshot of the place without people.






Bright yellow walls and most of the serving vessels were a similar sunny hue lending a summery atmosphere to an otherwise dismal day. Our attention turned to the V.O. menu which lists many traditional Italian appetizers, soups, salads, pasta and meat choices. Service is not slow, but in true Italian fashion, you don’t feel rushed either. We spent a nice leisurely evening enjoying our food and wine and never felt like they were trying to “turn our table.”

Now about that food…

Yes, we did imbibe in some appy’s at our house just a short while ago, but we had to sample some of theirs because, after all, I needed fodder for this blog! In that vain, the Zarrilli’s split a plate of Calamari with Red Sauce, and the Mr. and I enjoyed the Roasted Red Peppers & Mozzarella.



Surprisingly we were all on the same page as far as entrée choices in that we each selected a veal dish (all veal entrees are served with the vegetable of the day).

Gary—Vitello alla Parmigiana, veal breaded and lightly pan fried, topped with fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce:

Rosanne—Vitello Donatella, veal topped with roasted red peppers, crabmeat and fresh mozzarella in a white wine sauce:

Russ and Lynn—Vitello ai Funghi, veal sautéed with wild mushrooms and sundried tomatoes in a marsala port wine sauce:

Verily, if you choose to herein imbibe,
Ever must you follow the rules of Pasquale’s tribe,
Commandments, they are, to guide your culinary stay,
Consider them writ in stone, as they say!
Have no other chefs, Pasquale’s the one,
In here you must smile and have lots of fun,
Always leave, though, not linger, when you are done!

Our kitchen is popular, please patiently wait,
So keep your reservation, and don’t be late,
The fare is all original, Neapolitan style,
Everything’s freshly made, but that takes a while!
Red wine or white, please bring what will fit,
In here you can indulge, that’s why we’re a hit,
About overdrinking, FORGET ABOUT IT!

As we headed out the door for the car, the weather was even worse than when we came in! But we’ll be back, and hopefully dining al fresco!

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