A No-Go at Arosso

Prompted by a GroupOn and the promise of “…an established reputation for providing highest quality food, excellent customer service and speedy delivery to customers in the Fairless Hills area …” we made the decision on a recent Saturday evening to try Arosso, a newish Italian restaurant. Enticing us further, the online menu also emphasized their large gluten-free offerings.

Immediately upon entering, we were dismayed at the overall unappealing drab decor and an overwhelming antiseptic smell of cleaning products. Mind you, we had enjoyed brunch at this establishment several times in year’s past when it was called Adelphia. Back then it was always crowded and with brighter, more spacious furnishings, and the food was more than passable.

Not so this time. Prior to driving over, we read some reviews which claimed “Eggplant parm to die for, and calamari is also terrific too…” but other patrons complained bitterly about the wait. In our case, we were promptly waited on—and so we should have been because the restaurant was at most only 30% occupied—on a Saturday night, that’s a red flag!


I ordered a wood-burning style pizza, the Siciliana: eggplant, capers, fresh garlic, kalamata olives, plum tomatoes, mozzarella and sharp provolone on whole wheat crust. It was actually quite good and I ended getting 3 more meals from it.


Russ on the other hand had one of the worst food experiences ever! His choice of Chicken Parmigiana with gluten-free pasta looked appetizing enough when delivered to the table, but one bite into it and he was sorely disappointed. He claimed the “sauce” tasted like it was dumped from a can of condensed tomato soup with absolutely no enhancing spices or herbs. He didn’t finish the meal, nor did he doggie-bag the leftovers.

About a week after our episode, good friends of ours said they also patronized the place because of a GroupOn incentive. And they pretty much rubber stamped our dismal experience. Right then and there we all decided it’s a “no-go” for any more trips to Arosso! Without a major overhaul, can’t imagine they’ll be long for this world…


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