Flies Be Gone!

I’m surprised that I never heard of this tip before given the fact that we eat outside and host outdoor dinner parties all the time. But just recently, in one of my nonfood magazines I ran across this tip, and then verified it in a google search.

Cut a lemon (or orange) in half and stud it with cloves. Set out on your food table about 1/2 hour prior to laying out the vittles, and no pesky flies to deal with! Not only does it work, but it looks attractive and smells good too! Who knew? Sometimes it’s the simple little things in life that make a big difference…

Just a few days ago I put this tip to a test at our most recent backyard bash, and danged if it didn’t work beautifully! I situated one in a little ceramic heart dish on the dining table and another on a starfish plate on the sideboard with the food.


Go ahead, try it at your next outdoor event!

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