Bridgetown Mill Inn


In April of 2003, the charming historic Bucks County Inn (c1791) on Langhorne-Newtown Road opened a full service restaurant The Bridgetown Mill House, making it a true country inn… In addition to regular seasonal menus, a Tapas menu is offered on the outdoor brick patio—and, the Zagat Survey rated it Excellent from 2003 through present day… Read more at the Neighborhood Joints tab…

1 thought on “Bridgetown Mill Inn

  1. Hi Lynne Is this place still as outrageously expensive as it was when it first opened? We had a wonderful meal there back then, but it broke the bank? Just wondering? I enjoy reading your blogs and share them with my friends who enjoy cooking. I cook, but very basic. Chick is a meat and potatoes guy and I have many dietary limitations, so we experiment a little, but usually very basic stuff. Hope you are enjoying your summer. We love our new place, but Chick continues to work. He keeps saying he will retire soon and we are working toward that goal! WE have a road trip planned in Sept for about 10 days – kids are all good. Dylan will be 18, Jordan 15 and Devyn will be 8 in a few weeks. Time flies by. So happy you and Russ are so happy and enjoying your foody adventures! I love reading about them! Hugs Esther and Chick


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