An Historic Landmark – The Washington Crossing Inn


Ideal for weekday business lunches or fine evening dining with family and friends, the Washington Crossing Inn offers a relaxing atmosphere, scenic views, and fabulous menus. With friends Barb and Brad in tow on a recent gorgeous August evening, we experienced alfresco dining while sheltered by a lush canopy of trees in the outdoor patio area intimately nestled next to their Secret Garden, while listening to live steel drum music.


The Washington Crossing Inn never disappoints as a social venue. And now that the dining has been recalibrated, the entire experience rocks. The building exudes bona fide historic warmth. The barroom is a popular watering spot—vibrant and cozy. Sunday Brunch is a traditional hit. Fridays and Saturdays feature live music in the barroom. And as spring breaks, alfresco dining on the lovely patio ranks among the region’s best.   — Bucks County Magazine

There are three menus to order from: The Tavern Menu, The Tapas Menu, and the Secret Garden Menu.

Russ and Lynn, not surprisingly, ordered several items from the Tapas Menu: Chicken PintxosCharcuterie with Jamon Serrano, Chorizo and Proscuitto; Fire Roasted Shrimp with garlic, shishito peppers, olive oil and garlic bread; and Chicken Tacos with lettuce tomato and smoked cheddar cheese. Our companions ordered from the Tavern Menu: Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich with crispy red onions, Black River blue cheese, spinach, horseradish cream on a ciabatta roll; and the Grilled Chicken Panino with pickled red onion, spinach, cheddar, and roasted tomato aoili; both sandwiches served with french fries.






A Bit of History:

In 1919, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania created a park along the Delaware to commemorate the famous crossing by General George Washington and his troops in 1776. At this time, the name of the picturesque village was changed from Taylorsville to Washington Crossing. In the 1930s, the Haven family, who had been operating the Old Ferry Inn in the village, purchased the Taylor Family home. They renovated the home, constructed the colonial style addition that is now the present day lobby and ballroom. The original 1817 home was preserved as the inn’s public dining spaces: the Hearth Room and Covered Bridge Room. In 2009, brothers Dr. Eli Mordechai and Jerry Moradi purchased the inn to continue the tradition of the preserving the landmark of Bucks County hospitality.

From daring attack to hospitable acts, the site of this colonial style inn holds a significant place in America’s history.

  • Served as a ferry crossing from late 1600s until 1834.
  • Site of inn / tavern for colonial travelers.
  • Where General George Washington and his troops made the famous crossing.
  • Site of 1817 Bernard Taylor Homestead.
  • Popular landmark inn opened by the Haven Family in the 1930s.

I highly urge you to try out this historic landmark for dinner alfresco before the cooler weather is upon us. However, once the seasons change, you can always dine inside…

Washington Crossing Inn is located at 1295 General Washington Memorial Blvd.(River Road), Washington Crossing, PA

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