The Last of the Three Amicos


Our dinner excursion to Florentino’s is the final in the trifecta of Chef Franciso Argueta’s restaurants in Bucks County, PA. The quaint BYOB establishment is located right on Sycamore near State Street in the heart of downtown Newtown. (You may recall my earlier blog’s on his other two restaurants, Mamita’s and Francisco’s on the River.)


This time we had a 6 p.m. booking on a Sunday night which proved to be quite the different experience from previous reservations when we arrived between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. on a Friday or Saturday. It was blessedly uncrowded with a low ambient noise level from other dining patrons — although by the time we left, both the crowd and the noise had intensified. As luck would have it, we were able to choose a window table up front which allows more elbow room then the other tightly packed tables within. Plus, with daylight savings time, we were able to watch pedestrians stroll by and occasionally peer into the restaurant.

Our friendly waitress presented us with two menus, one listed their regular fare, and another with Additional Menu items. For starters we again ordered their fabulous Whole Wheat Garlic Bread (also on the menu at Francisco’s), and this time it arrived, hot and savory, within minutes of our request. As an appetizer, we split the Arugula & Radicchio salad, lightly dressed with lemon vinaigrette and parmigiano cheese. We both selected from the “Special Plates” section of the menu with Lynn choosing the Veal and Shrimpsautéed with garlic, green onions & sun dried tomatoes in a white wine sauce; and Russ finally deciding on the Veal Gorgonzolasautéed with garlic, topped with cream sauce made with fresh gorgonzola. Each entree came accompanied with rustic garlic mashed potatoes and a perfectly sautéed vegetable medley.


So now if you’re ever in the Newtown, PA area and are looking for really good food, you have three restaurants to add to your repertoire. But plan on making reservations if going on a weekend because we have found they are almost always full.


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