Eleven days into my retirement and the day’s outing was with good friend Jeremy Parry, a pro at the retirement scene with 10 years under her belt already, she was practically a baby when she left ;)! Our main mission was to purchase supplies at Jerry’s Artarama in nearby New Jersey for our upcoming watercolor class. With that accomplished, and a few other chores checked off the list, it was lunch time.

Crossing the bridge back into Pennsy, I suggested Comfortfood, a place I’d been hearing about, and that Jeremy has frequented on several occasions. Their hours are limited, serving mostly lunches and closing at 5:00, except on Fridays when they stay open until 8:00. Not convenient to most working stiffs, or those who work far away and late into the evening like hubby Russ.

With time no longer a hurdle for me, and the location close to Jeremy’s house, we made a beeline to the strip mall restaurant only to find it completely full with a waiting line. Not in any particular hurry, we perused the daily menu while waiting for our table to become available.



In the entrance area you are immediately hit with a huge chalkboard outlining the take-out options in bright chalk—items not available to eat-in diners because, as we were told by our friendly waitress, they are prepackaged in containers ahead of time. Oh well, not like there wasn’t an abundance of original options on the regular menu, which changes daily BTW.


While inescapably located in a cheesy strip mall, the restaurant interior is charming and comfortable. The decor exudes an eclectic-country vibe sporting tin ceilings, chalkboard surrounds, and funky bathroom fixtures. (Yes, I did take a picture of one of the unisex bathrooms!) Emblematic of the care exercised by Comfortfood is the mint-infused water served from a charming clear glass bottle with Ball mason jars as drinking glasses.



“Convenient, good food doesn’t have to be expensive or full of bad ingredients,” explains Comfortfood Chef Kim Quay. Over the years, it’s business has morphed from an event-catering business, to take-out catering. Then in the spring of 2015, when the hair salon next door went out of business, Kim took over the space, opened a dining room, and began serving lunch.


Undeterred that we could not start with a bowl of the Southwest Corn Chowder (it was for take out only), we split an appetizer of the Chicken Buffalo Lollipops with a cucumber blue cheese salad, shown above. The drumsticks had a good tang that wasn’t overpowering and was complimented by the accompanying cool salad.


For mains, Jeremy chose the Avocado & Pickled Egg Tartine on a bed of arugula and a hit of smoked salt. The portion was quite large and she doggie-bagged half of it. I zeroed in on the Turkey Momos, even after the waitress explained they were more like dumplings in a sauce—intriguing I thought. Well, they were DELICIOUS! Those little momo devils were swimming in a savory tomato cilantro sauce surrounding a center pool of cucumber yogurt and topped with sliced scallions. No leftovers for me!


Now that I have time during the day, I will definitely be back to Comfortfood. Anyone looking for a lunch date?


You’ll find local produce and meats in all Comfortfood’s dishes. Quay buys her food from farms in Bucks County and nearby New Jersey, like the Guzikowski Farm (Yardley), Purely Farm (Pipersville), Charlann Farm (Yardley), Gravity Hill Farm (Titusville, NJ), Beechwood Farm (Hopewell, NJ) and Chickadee Creek Farm (Pennington, NJ), many of them organic or transitional organic, and using sustainable farming methods.

The menu changes daily – Quay posts it on her Facebook page every day and posts a photo of the board on her blog – and is priced reasonably. It includes comfort food but goes beyond to a wide variety of dishes.

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